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While we're under construction, here's a little bit about what we do.

Corporate Counsel

Finding a trusted legal advisor who can add true value to your business can be difficult. With Axia Law acting as an extension of your team, we will not only meet your legal needs but also provide you with strategic, cost-effective insights that would enable you to facilitate your company's growth.

Licensing and Zoning

Before breaking new ground on a project, you must obtain all required licenses and zoning approvals. To do so promptly, Axia Law can assist you through the process as our attorneys have substantial knowledge of the comprehensive operations and procedures of the municipal and state government.

Real Estate

Most real estate firms can handle simple and straightforward transactions, but only few are equipped for larger or more complex real estate deals, especially those that cross multiple industries. We have a demonstrated record of engineering sophisticated transactions, on time, and on budget.

Venture Capital

Without the right guidance, obtaining and structuring capital investments can prove to be a complex and intricate process. Axia Law's expertise and connections in this space offer clients opportunities for raising capital, proper management, and getting the deal done.

Business Acquisitions

With contractual paperwork spanning hundreds of pages, the complex transactions involved in acquiring a business require a thoughtful and insightful eye. Axia Law's meticulous and pro-active approach in structuring the purchase of a company's share or assets has proved invaluable to clients and their ventures.

Intellectual Property

From mucisians and entertainers to emerging companies, our Intellectual Property practice provides a full spectrum of trademark, copyright, technology, and trade secret services. Regardless of size or issue, we work with our clients efficiently and strategically to maximize the value of their intellectual property assets within their businesses.

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