On January 27, 2017

Axia Law officially had its last day of business. It was a bittersweet day, however the time had come for many of us to take the next steps in our careers. It has been an honor and pleasure to have worked with all of you, our faithful friends and clients, over the past six years. We have all undoubtedly grown together and will forever thank everyone for their contribution to our success. If you need to get a hold of us, our new contact information is listed below. For all general inquires, please reach out to Erin Quiggle at 312-546-9951.

Forwarding Information


Alexander Pappas

Phone: (312) 377-7767
Fax: (312) 423-8197
Email: apappas@stahlcowen.com

Patrick Wartan

Phone: (312) 836-4131
Fax: (312) 966-8589
Email: pwartan@taftlaw.com

Drew Whiting

Phone: (312) 377-7867
Fax: (312) 4238194
Email: dwhiting@stahlcowen.com